I am a mixed media artist from Detroit, MI who now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. One of the recurring themes of my current work explores the comparisons and contrasts of these two industrial cities, with special interest given to landscape differences, social climate, times of economic hardship, and each cities’ response to challenges. However, just like the world around us, the themes, ideas, and composition of my work often change. 


A wide variety of artistic media is used to create my work such as screen printing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, writing, and more. A number of these artistic media often find their way into one project. I am constantly inspired by specific locations, buildings, and landscape details, and finds great pleasure in determining which artistic media accurately depicts the feeling of interest, mood, or inspiration that was evoked within me. It is my hope that each piece stimulates dialogue that transcends the artwork and enters the realm of social consciousness. I also seek to inspire a renewed sense of appreciation of overlooked things, and encourage creativity in others. Seeking out and engaging with unfamiliar communities, art production spaces, arts/activism organizations, and creative individuals is a fundamental element of my arts practice.

In addition to over 10 years in professional art design and production, Deavron has experience in curating and facilitating. One such experience is Deavron’s participation in the formation of “The Art Lending Collection,” which was a part of the 2013 Carnegie International. In recent years Deavron’s art practice has expanded to include public art. He currently has close to 10 large scale public artworks to his credit.